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The financial services industry represents an amazing and innovative business model.  Customer-owned ventures can be a powerful catalyst for innovation – a community of citizens who will empower the creation of new solutions that will better meet the needs of credit unions and their owner-members.  CU*Answers, along with our sister companies that are part of the cuasterisk.com network, invites you to be an active participant in our industry through collaboration and shared innovation.

Start a Credit Union

Every industry needs new participants in order to achieve sustainability.  For the Credit Union industry, the de novo startup effort brings new participants that are critical to the survival of the customer-owned financial institution model.  CU*Answers has invested in de novo ventures for several decades, and we encourage you to add your products/services/talents to help bring their dreams to life for their communities.

Move the Needle

The role of CUSOs, their collaborative influence, and their impact on national credit union strategies and policy remains woefully underutilized. As a key component of our national credit union network, CUSOs must expand their responsibilities to continue to build and ensure the ongoing viability of the network.

Customer Owned Innovation

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